Archive for September, 2014

Photos of Clutch at Baltimore’s Shindig Festival

A 10-year-old girl sang every single word to every single Clutch song.

Eliza Rathbone, the Phillips Collection’s 30-Year Chief Curator, Steps Down Today

"I think it would be fabulous if we had a Van Gogh self-portrait. Would it not?"

ToDo ToDay: Jungle, Vacationer, and Free Yogurt

Tropical rock or insider Google info? Take your pick.

Putting the Opera in Soap Opera: Three Decembers, Reviewed

Family drama that's sappy enough to draw sniffles but doesn't realize it's a parody.

Arts Roundup: Bronze Bodies Edition

Should bands police their stage-diving, slam-dancing audience members?

Rosie O’Donnell Cancels Bentzen Ball Appearance

But Tig Notaro will teach you to make dumplings!

Watch Outputmessage’s New Video for “Pillars”

Who knew water dripping off a bald head could be so mesmerizing?

Photos: The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant at the Verizon Center

The Keys have a fuller band for arena shows, now, but they're missing some of the old interaction.

Stream Ex Hex’s Debut LP, Rips, on NPR

Yes, yes: It rips.

In a Pseudo-Funeral, Mourners Grieve the Closing of the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Black Victorian-era outfits, a march to a cemetery, and a few tears.