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ToDo ToDay: Trans Am, Deleted Scenes, and Jellyfish Eyes

Twenty-four years on, Maryland-formed post-rock outfit Trans Am is a vocoder band in a post-Auto-Tune world, but they’re still a lithe and propulsive machine, churning through several generations’ visions of the future. On Volume X, dystopian funk melts into Kraftwerkian synth workouts; there’s a robotic mouth solo that would make Peter Frampton jealous. As always, the [...]

Arts Roundup: Fancy Cat Edition

Music promoters are suing the Prince George's County Council for $10 million over the Dance Hall Permit Law. [Examiner]
Listen to Bearshark's new release, Canyonlands. [D.C. Music Download]
Magneto destroys RFK Stadium in the new X-Men movie (and Fox paid $62,350 to film it). [Arts Desk]
There's a three-screen "micro cinema" opening behind Union Market next month. [PoPville]
GEMS doesn't want to "live [...]

A Catalog of Make-‘Em-Yourself Birds Adds a Dose of Dark Humor to Kid Lit

Kate Samworth’s new book was born from silence. The painter and illustrator had been listening to the radio in her Philadelphia studio in the days following Hurricane Katrina, when, on the program, a couple recounted what it was like to return to New Orleans in the wake of the storm. Silence, they said—that was what [...]

One Track Mind: MARS 4-Tet’s “The Blind Watchmaker”

Standout Track: No. 6, “The Blind Watchmaker.” The tune is structured on a funky but jarring vamp (introduced by tenor saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk and bassist Max Murray, the M and A of “MARS”) of three-and-a-half bars, so it cycles back to the start just before the resolution you’re expecting. Once established, though, Antoniuk leaves that [...]

What I Learned From Mannie Fresh During His D.C. Visit

Mannie Fresh has been completely off my radar these days. It's not that the producer hasn't been working, but his name doesn't ring as loudly as it once did. Fresh rose to prominence in the mid-1990s as a producer for New Orleans label Cash Money Records, composing such hits as Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up," B.G.'s [...]

The Dos and Don’ts of Mural Photos: “Beauty” at Leica Store DC

There’s no need to feel sorry for the judges of Leica Store DC’s new juried photography contest. You can agree or disagree with their choice for the winning image—Kenneth Reitz’s photograph of a man corralling four large soap bubbles on a downtown sidewalk—but they at least had a wide selection of plausible contenders.
Paul Sharratt finds [...]

This Year’s AFI DOCS Slate: Muppets, Indie Rockers, and Nostalgia

The worlds of make-believe and rock 'n' roll are on full display at this year's AFI DOCS. In addition to the previously announced opening and closing night films honoring American icons Hal Holbrook (above) and Roger Ebert, the annual documentary celebration highlights sports from football to Quidditch, high-profile criminals, and one very fancy cat.
Many of the [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Ralph Fasanella: The Art of Social Engagement” and D.C.’s Best Sandwich

Artist Ralph Fasanella spent his career capturing the plight of the American worker. But he didn’t just paint images of blue-collar workers—he was one of them. He drove trucks, acted as a union organizer—hell, the guy was even born on Labor Day 1914. The Smithsonian American Art Museum is currently exhibiting a selection of 19 [...]

In Latest X-Men Film, Watch Magneto Destroy RFK Stadium

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest installment of the uber-lucrative Marvel Comics franchise, RFK Stadium gets it. Really gets it, in fact, as DC Sports Bog pointed out earlier this week. As you can see in the clip embedded below, Magneto (Michael Fassbender) descends into the stadium and then—you know, using his mutant powers of magnetism—rips it [...]

Arts Roundup: Diet Koch Edition

Photos of D.C.'s soul and funk icons [Slate]
What was your first 9:30 Club experience? [DCist]
Harry Reid sees nothing wrong with screening an anti-Koch brothers documentary at the Capitol Visitors Center. [Politico]
Wanna be on House of Cards? If you're a 32- to 36-year-old female who's "good with [her] hands, smart, pretty, [and] capable," you're in luck. [DCist]
A Q&A with [...]