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Recap Time: Homeland Season 3, Episode 5

In last night's Homeland, Saul is tying the laces on a pair of sturdy duck boots because the president's chief of staff has invited him hunting to talk about a permanent position as the head of the CIA. Peter Quinn stops by and Saul confirms that dangling Carrie in front of a vicious Senate hearing, [...]

Fair Trade Music D.C. Surveys Musicians on Treatment at Venues

In a concert-booking business that can seem as predatory as modern-day journalism is for writers, Fair Trade Music D.C. is pushing for better treatment.
Since September, the organization has surveyed local musicians about their experiences at D.C.-area venues in the hopes of shedding some light on which venues treat their artists right and which don’t.
“This is an [...]

Arts Roundup: Tramplings, Assault, a Bomb Threat, and Death Edition

Finding it tougher to afford actor housing and storage space in the District, Shakespeare Theatre Company is on track to purchase the former campus of Southeastern University. [Post]
Walking disaster Chris Brown arrested for assaulting a man outside the W Hotel; court date today. [Post, Post]
At Yardfest on Friday, a brief moment of chaos. [Arts Desk, [...]

Reports of Tramplings at Howard Yardfest (Updated)

The music at Howard University's homecoming Yardfest concert temporarily ceased this afternoon amid reports of people being trampled. According to a Metropolitan Police Department spokesman, police received a call at around 3:17 p.m. reporting that people were trying to ram through barricades on 6th Street and Howard Place NW.
The D.C. Firefighters Association tweeted that multiple [...]

“A Complete Journey to Another World”: A Conversation with Wadada Leo Smith

Though it means "work of largest scale," the term "magnum opus" is often taken to mean "work of greatest quality." But that distinction is irrelevant in the case of "Ten Freedom Summers," the massive work that represents four decades of trumpeter-composer Wadada Leo Smith's musical career and has been acclaimed by critics, audiences, and Smith [...]

Reviewed: The Counselor

You can’t just plaster Cameron Diaz with makeup and turn her into Tommy Lee Jones. Rather, let’s take a step back: You can’t take a celebrated novelist and turn him into a remarkable—nor, apparently, even mediocre—screenwriter. The Counselor, directed by Ridley Scott, is Cormac McCarthy’s first big-screen script. And No Country for Old Men it's not. [...]

Some Bohemian Caverns Concerts Rescheduled

As Bohemian Caverns remains closed after a car plowed into the building, some of the venue's shows have been rescheduled.
Since 2011, local avant-jazz promoter Transparent Productions has held most of its events on Sunday nights at Bohemian Caverns. Two shows it booked at BoCav—Steve and Iqua Colson, originally scheduled for Oct. 18, and Kevin Norton's [...]

In Open Letter, Comedy Fans Lambaste Allegedly “Rapey” D.C. Comic

The debate over rape jokes has already reached high boil—multiple times—in mainstream comedy. And for a while there, it seemed like comics had finally learned a thing or two about how to make them—especially after comic Patton Oswalt wrote a smart, nuanced essay earlier this year that, among other topics, addressed rape jokes in the [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Ten Freedom Summers,” Latino Art, Carl Craig, and Sparks

Setting Lyndon Johnson’s ambitious social policies to music seems equal parts brainy and boring. But Wadada Leo Smith’s jazz piece about the “Great Society” programs comes from a place more personal than political; it’s a portion of Ten Freedom Summers, his magnum opus dedicated to moments in the Civil Rights movement. Read more >>> Wadada Leo Smith [...]

Arts Roundup: John Fahey Edition

John Fahey bio In Search of Blind Joe Death shows at AFI Silver Theatre this weekend. [Post]
The D.C.-set Scandal is just one TV show chipping away at the "strong black woman" stereotype. [Buzzfeed]
A Captain America trailer shows shots filmed in the District. [DCist]
Honoring Dance Place founder Carla Perlo means honoring decades of dance in the [...]