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DMV Beats: The Other Guys, PHZ-Sicks, Muggsy Malone, Nike Nando

The Other Guys
The Other Guys’ Joe Myles and Isaiah Mensah like to take it back to hip-hop's more self-aware yesteryear. On "Memories Fade," the first single from The Other Guys' forthcoming EP, hard drums and a stuttering soul sample set a wistful tone, while guest MCs yU and Substantial reminisce apologetically on their cheatin' ways: [...]

ToDo ToDay: Surveillance Art, Page to Stage Festival, and Tropicalia’s Birthday

As Edward Snowden has shown us, we’re all being watched. For some lesser-known artists, that might be good news. The Washington Project for the Arts’ timely experimental media show, “Cyber In Securities,” features artists whose work looks at the experience of tracking or being tracked—by private marketers, data miners, drones, or governments—in an effort to [...]

Thérèse, Reviewed

In 2001, Amélie introduced Audrey Tautou to the world. But if just the thought of that film and its cloyingly cute star makes your teeth hurt, the antidote is Thérèse. The late Claude Miller’s final, leisurely drama, which he adapted along with Natalie Carter from a novel (though it’s also a remake of a 1962 [...]

Arts Roundup: Wale’s “Kinda New to Sushi” Edition

Wale, restaurant critic! [DCist]
Indian embassy purchases the long-vacant historic post office building on U Street NW, planning to turn it into a cultural center. [U Street Dirt]
D.C.'s classical music world does pretty well by women—at least relatively speaking, reports Anne Midgette. [Post]
Politics & Prose launches a new series of paid cocktail-style events with authors. [Politics [...]

Jazz Setlist, August 29-September 4

Thursday, August 29
If you read Setlist, there's a good chance you also read This Week in Jazz, DCist's rundown written by Sriram Gopal. In which case you may also know that Gopal is a jazz drummer, too, as well as an enthusiastic celebrant of his own Indian heritage. In that spirit, he's the founder of [...]

John Fahey Biography to Be Published in 2014

Next year, Chicago Review Press will publish Dance of Death: The Life Of John Fahey–American Guitarist, the first definitive biography of D.C.-born American Primitive guitarist John Fahey. Steve Lowenthal, founder of Swingset magazine and Plastic Records, is writing the book for publication in June 2014.
While it's the first proper biography of the late guitar master, [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Feedel Band, New Belgium Beers, and Italian Glam Rock

Since 1997 the Éthiopiques series has made Ethiopian music a hipster obsession, exposing jazz heads and rockists to the jazzy funkiness that emanated from East Africa in the ’60s and ’70s. Tonight, local listeners get a chance to hear a sliver of those tunes live in a performance by D.C.’s The Feedel Band. The group features saxophonist [...]

Fat Trel, Breakin’ the Law

This week's Washington Post story on ATV and dirt-bike riding on city streets came only a few days after the debut of Fat Trel's wheelie-poppin' "No Lamez" video, shot in the Palmer Park neighborhood of Prince George's County. The Post article focuses on D.C., with only a brief mention of Prince George's, but to be [...]

What Would Make the Helen Hayes Awards Better?

D.C. theater’s answer to the Tonys, the Helen Hayes Awards, has been kind to teeny-tiny local troupes in recent years. Now, the big guys want a bigger bite.
Recently, the Washington Post’s Nelson Pressley broke the story that representatives of Signature Theatre, Ford’s Theatre, and Arena Stage had threatened to “rethink their future involvement” in the [...]

Arts Roundup: App Happy Edition

Dismemberment Plan tops this year's CMJ lineup. [Spin]
D.C.'s Film Office gets a mobile app. [Facebook]
Pleasant dancing experiences exist in D.C. [DCist]
See local indie rock at The Lot at Union Kitchen. [Popville]
ICYMI: RIP anthropologist and Smithsonian curator Marvette Pérez. [American History Museum]