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Photos: Paul Weller and Matthew Ryan @ 9:30 Club

In a set that pulled from his solo work and songs from his old bands The Style Council and The Jam, Paul Weller showed how his style has evolved over many years of music-making last night at 9:30 Club. Armed with a two-drummer band, the Modfather still blends those lines between energetic rock, pop music, and white-boy [...]

One Track Mind: Brenda, Aminals

Standout Track: No. 1, "Make a New Friend," a shambolic indie-rock number with a disco-driven beat. On it, singer and guitarist Dave Lesser, a 28-year-old Capitol Hill resident, complains about networking at shows: "Cementing relationships/Oh, what a chore." Drummer and vocalist Leah Gage, who lives in Columbia Heights, says she doesn't relish the formalities involved [...]

Ian MacKaye Says Urban Outfitters’ Minor Threat T-Shirts Are Legitimate

Hey, look, teens of America: You can buy a kewl Minor Threat T-shirt for $28 at Urban Outfitters.
Hear something? That's the sound of a 45-year-old punk rocker punching a wall.
But wait just a second before you start groping for the lever on the ol' outrage machine. Turns out the T-shirt is not a bootleg like that [...]

Dirt Farm: Fancy

ToDo ToDay: Photography, Painted Grass, and The Sweater Set

Encapsulating an entire nation’s photographic culture poses a challenge for “A Democracy of Images: The Smithsonian American Art Museum.” To its credit, the show includes worthwhile contributions from photographers who aren’t household names. Consider the circular, black-and-white image from Deborah Luster’s “Tooth for an Eye” series (shown), which documents the last views seen by the [...]

Reviewed: “Landscapes In Passing” at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

The open road is so quintessentially American that it verges on cliché. The Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibit "Landscapes In Passing" follows this well-traveled route, with mixed results.
The exhibit features works by three photographers—Robbert Flick, Elaine Mayes and Steve Fitch—each of whom documented America's landscape as seen from the automobile in the 1970s and early [...]

Arts Roundup: A Substantial Failure Edition

More backstory on the green-paint vandal [AP via Huffington Post]
D.C. libraries will recommence Sunday hours starting in October. [DCist]
An update on the proposed Smithsonian Latino Museum [AP via WTOP]
Beyoncé's dancers teach YMCA summer campers some moves [Washingtonian]
Tyler Green on Hirshhorn's departing director: "... it’s hard to call the Koshalek years anything but a substantial failure." [Modern [...]

Carolyn Malachi’s Gold, Reviewed

Carolyn Malachi relishes the chase, whether she's pursuing dreams, love, success, or inner peace. But she seems to want those things for you, too. "I believe in you! You can do anything!" Malachi wails near the end of "Beautiful Dreamer," an inspirational standout from Gold, her ambitious new album. Malachi's affirmations can sprinkle a little [...]

Listen: Teen Mom’s “Kitchen”

Softly fuzzy D.C. band Teen Mom released a new single today, "Kitchen." The first single since the band's Mean Tom EP, it's perhaps the longest song the quartet (formerly a trio) has ever released—a whole six-and-a-half minutes. What are these dudes trying to be, Yes?
Just kidding. The tune's longish, yes, but this is no prog-rock [...]

ToDo ToDay: Paul Weller! Beyoncé!

"What’s made Paul Weller such a hero in England is his Englishness,” the dean of American rock critics, Bob Christgau, once wrote of Paul Weller when reviewing Snap, the last album by Weller’s first band, The Jam. There’s nothing novel about rockers of Weller’s generation—he's 55—continuing to record and tour. What is unusual is for punters [...]