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John Wilmerding to Step Down as Board Chair at National Gallery of Art

John Wilmerding will step down as board chair of the National Gallery of Art later this year. A spokesperson for the National Gallery confirmed that Wilmerding will leave the post after the annual board of trustees' meeting in September. Tyler Green broke the news over Twitter.
Wilmerding served as the National Gallery's curator for American art [...]

ToDo ToDay: Stupid Fucking Bird Opens and WCP’s Having a Concert

Hey, Studio Theatre, you’re not the only theater company that knows how to drop an F- bomb. Woolly Mammoth’s got its own contribution to the grandma-unfriendly theater season: Stupid Fucking Bird, local playwright Aaron Posner’s tribute to Chekhov’s The Seagull. Posner’s work updates Chekhov’s 19th-century exploration of misery and unrequited love, omitting much of the heavy Russian subtext, [...]

The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on Internet Addiction, Metal, and the Lifetime Movie Network


Transcendental Youth is the latest album from The Mountain Goats, singer-songwriter John Darnielle’s primary outlet for stories of heartbreak, ecstatic pride, drug addicts, memories, and monsters. The new record is also the band’s first LP with a full horn section. That [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, by Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman
The heavy-metal scene has long been known for eschewing drugs and alcohol. Though he sometimes behaves unusually, Ozzy Osbourne is and always has been a sober person; Pantera's Diamond [...]

Listen to a New America Hearts Song (Then Come See Them Tonight at the American Art Museum)

You are coming to the show we helped put together at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, aren't you? This evening's free Luce Unplugged showcase features sets from Lyriciss, More Humans, and America Hearts—plus, for the first hour, some free beer samples from Port City Brewing. Very cool.
Also cool: This new song that America Hearts sent us [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Jack Dorsey

Newcomer cartoonist Jack Dorsey got his minicomic 2080: Rad City into Big Planet Comics' Vienna store, which is where I found it. He describes the plot of the manga-influenced comic as "In the distant future, three awesome teenagers will band together to save the known universe. The year is 2080. The place is [...]

John Adams With the National Symphony Orchestra, Reviewed

John Adams’ City Noir, which he describes as the score for an imaginary Hollywood film, is an odd work for a composer who famously refuses to write scores for Hollywood films. By his own account, he’s been approached by directors including Francis Ford Coppola, even expressed interest, but ultimately decided studios’ turnaround demands would leave [...]

Arts Roundup: Tommy’s Go-Go Vibe Edition

Tommy Wells' mayoral campaign now has a go-go soundtrack. [Loose Lips]
ICYMI: Twins Jazz will host a jazz series at the forthcoming Anacostia Arts Center. [Washingtonian]
Photos from Imperial China's last show [D.C. Music Download]
A Q-and-A with ex-Swiz band Red Hare [D.C. Music Download]

Jazz Setlist, May 30-June 4: Festival Eve

I'm treating this week like a six-day week. Why? Well, the D.C. Jazz Festival begins next Wednesday, June 5, and it's on that day that I'll begin covering the festival in full. So consider this installment of Setlist a transition to DCJF.
Thursday, May 30
We don't get enough Joe Brotherton around these parts lately. The Tampa native [...]

ToDo ToDay: D.C. Queer Theatre Fest!

Queer themes abound in local theater, but they often come from the perspectives of gay white men. That’s why three theatrical friends who met at Catholic University started the D.C. Queer Theatre Festival, now in its second year. This festival is a lot smaller than other festivals around town; it’s a series of six 10-minute [...]