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Listen: Foul Swoops’ “Good Looks”

Foul Swoops, the scuzziest punks in Northern Virginia, dropped a doozy of a new song early this morning. According to the trio's Soundcloud page, "Good Looks" was recorded in Arlington by Nikhil Ranade (formerly of Calibos) last November, and the Swoops promise more to come.
The band has two local shows coming up: It plays Red Onion [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 31-Feb. 6: The Singers

Friday, Feb. 1
Festival season is a long way off, but there are a few events that remind us of their imminence: the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival, a traveling iteration of Monterey Jazz, stops tonight at the Kennedy Center. That event takes place every September in Monterey, Calif., but its organizers also like to assemble groups of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Hughie Opens!

The West Wing might be maligned for inspiring a generation of idealistic young wonks, but the stellar acting at least justified the piles of awards the show won. Tonight, one of those awarded actors returns to the District in a new production at Shakespeare Theatre: Richard Schiff, a.k.a. Communications Director Toby Ziegler, stars in Eugene [...]

One Track Mind: Brûlée, To a Crisp

Standout Track: No. 1, the poppy "In Defense of a Blue Shower Curtain." It begins with an upright bass riff, gloriously strummed by Andrew Brown, then proceeds to a mellow, jazz-rock groove from guitarist Louis Matza and drummer Lex O’Brien. The hooky chorus—whose key makes an unusual shift downward from the verse—is a plea with [...]

Arts Roundup: Moombahton Is Still Here Edition

Spin awards moombah compilation Moombahton Forever an 8 out of 10 [Spin]
Speakeasy DC's first short-story collection to be released on Valentine's Day [Twitter]
Bethesda Barnes & Noble not going anywhere [Washington Business Journal]
DCist's list of the best up-and-coming bands in D.C. [DCist]

Label of the Reconstruction: Sockets Records Was There When D.C. DIY Got Weird

The “yoga room” on the second floor of Sean Peoples’ house hasn’t had space for sun salutations for a while now. “The last people who owned it had been burning incense and whatever else,” Peoples says as he leads me from his own quarters across the hall. These days, the extra room doesn’t scream tranquility: [...]

I Was Wrong About Pianist Allyn Johnson

For all my effusive praise of Allyn Johnson, I have nevertheless been unfair to D.C.'s top jazz pianist. I've frequently compared him to the late Oscar Peterson, and not always in the best light.
Oscar Peterson, in case you're not familiar, is Canada's finest jazz musician and one of the all-time greatest virtuosos of the jazz piano. [...]

Dirt Farm: Gray

Imperial Overstretch: The In Series’ Clemenza di Tito, Reviewed

Thirteen years ago, imprisoned Italian radical Antonio Negri and Bethesda native literary theorist Michael Hardt published a nearly impenetrable 500-page tome called Empire, and the U.S. government got a new nickname. Their sweeping, neo-Marxist analysis actually described a broader set of actors, from Exxon-Mobil to the IMF, as comprising the new global hegemon. But we’re [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pirates! Protein Bar Opens!

If moral ambiguity is the heart of piracy, then perhaps it makes sense that the most interesting person in the new pirate documentary Stolen Seas doesn’t really consider himself a pirate. That would be Ishmael Ali, a Somali guy who found work as a translator for the small boatload of raiders who had captured the Danish-owned [...]