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Arts Roundup: Right Honorable Edition

The Kennedy Center Honors are on Sunday and the audience will presumably be full of federal VIPs. But how do they get one of the most hard to come by tickets in town? [Post]
Filthy comedian Dave Attell, host of Dave's Old Porn on Showtime, previews his upcoming shows at the D.C. Improv. Prepare for a [...]

Jazz Setlist, Nov. 29-Dec. 5: The Goods

Friday, Nov. 30
What's now just another Subway franchise at 2517 Pennsylvania Avenue NW used to be something special. One Step Down was the jazz club in D.C. for a long time—the headquarters for the local scene and a favorite stop for touring musicians until it closed in 2000. (Thanks, real-estate boom!) All these years later, [...]

This Week In WCP Arts: Ian Svenonius’ Supernatural Strategies

In this week's paper (in boxes now!), we got an advance peek at Supernatural Strategies For Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group, the freaky, brainy, and frequently absurd new book from longtime D.C. musician (and cruise host) Ian Svenonius. Wanna form a band? He's got some tips. An excerpt from our excerpts: "... if your group is [...]

E.D. in the E.U.: Potsdam, Germany

Dispatches from E.D. Sedgwick's winter tour through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland.
We wake up in Marburg and drive four hours to Berlin's Tegel Airport to retrieve four bags lost by Air France. At first, we cannot find the building at the airport where lost luggage is stored, and must ask directions from an airport [...]

ToDo ToDay: Lar Lubovitch Dance Company! Commedia Dell’Arte Christmas!

It looks like a typo on the Kennedy Center’s schedule but it’s not a mistake: The 44-year-old Lar Lubovitch Dance Company makes its debut at the center tonight. Since 1968, Lubovitch has been quietly choreographing ballets, figure-skating routines, and Broadway musicals, all while running his own company. In these recent recession years, Lubovitch has grown [...]

One Track Mind: Maxmillion Dunbar

Standout Track: The A-side, “Woo.” At its foundation is a stutter-stepping four-on-the-floor beat; atop it, flossy synth patterns overlap, reverberate, and gently jostle for attention. Released as a single, “Woo” will also come out on the upcoming Hooray for Woo, the second LP from Dunbar, the alter ego of Andrew Field-Pickering of nu-disco duo Beautiful [...]

Arts Roundup: Massive Pipes Edition

The Kennedy Center premiered its latest musical offering on Tuesday: a 5,000 pipe organ that, unlike its predecessor, will hopefully not make unscheduled noises during performances. [Post]
Peoples Potential Unlimited presents a new compilation of rare funk, boogie, and go-go tracks straight out of the '80s. [Big Cartel]
Washingtonian breaks down the White House Christmas decorations by [...]

Never Change, Transformer: Logan Circle’s Tiniest Gallery Toasts to 10 Years of Hard-to-Sell Art

When Transformer marks its 10th anniversary this Friday, some of D.C.’s best artists will be among the revelers. And so will some of its worst.
That’s the way it should be. The art organization’s annual silent art auction has for nearly a decade served as an informal art prom, where artists, dealers, and collectors—with and without gallery [...]

Jeff Speck’s Walkable City, Digested

An elderly woman is walking down a several-mile stretch of treeless road. Cars whiz by, going 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. It’s broiling out. If a car hits and kills her, the cause of death would be ruled vehicular trauma. If she died of heat stroke, the cause of [...]

Dirt Farm: Home Alone 6