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ToDo ToDay: Get Outraged

Politics these days is full of phony outrage. Someone affiliated with the Democratic Party says Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life? Quick, start demanding apologies! The cable news networks, in fact, are so full of artificial umbrage that it’s easy to forget what real raging indignation sounds like. Until you hear Lewis [...]

One Track Mind: Yusef, Jazz & The Joint Forces

Standout Track: No. 2, “Show Ya LOV3,” a spirited blend of wind instruments, floating piano keys, and deep bass stabs on which producer-rapper Yusef sounds unusually assured for a hyphenate MC. “A producer on some lyrical fly shit, we wise men,” rhymes Yusef, and soon he’s dropping in clips of Steve Harvey and Bernie [...]

Arts Roundup: Sad Trombone for Vintage Edition

The great vintage-shop die-off of 2012? Vintage Darling, Black-Eyed Susie, and Annie Creamcheese shut down. [Washingtonian]
New Deleted Scenes video: a little bit Jean Cocteau, a little bit Inception. And guest-starring Pree's May Tabol. [IFC]
Everything you need to know about fake IDs. Just kidding, kids! [D.C. Clubbing/Panorama]
The revamped Phillips Collection website looks nice. [D.C. Docent]
Meanwhile, "The 'new' HIrshhorn website [...]

Listen: Doe Cigapom and Soulful!’s Caged Birds

D.C. rapper Doe Cigapom doesn't like the city's changing demographics: "The hell is a Columbia Heights. All I remember is 14th Street, man!" a male voice exclaims on CagedBirds, Cigapom's new collaborative EP with producer Soulful!. (Set aside the fact that the neighborhood was called Columbia Heights long before gentrification took hold.) A few seconds later: [...]

Dirt Farm: EB Cold Cases

ToDo ToDay: Ignite D.C., Alice Walker, and DC Brau

TED talks are a great way to make people feel smart—or justified in their behavior. Instead of improving their social skills, for example, some may watch “The Power of Introverts” and never leave their homes. The local collective Ignite DC offers its own version of a TED conference. For its 10th talk tonight, topics include [...]

Arts Roundup: Muslim President Edition

During one of her concerts at Verizon Center, Madonna referred to President Barack Obama as a "black Muslim." Er. [Post]
Dog mural in Arlington deemed too promotional to be art. [WJLA]
Mood Lounge loses its liquor license. [DCist]
See Signature's Best Little Whorehouse in Texas for cheap(er)! [Post]
National Harbor launches a shuttle service. [Washington Business Journal]
Comedian Lewis Black [...]

ToDo ToDay: “India Song” at Adamson Gallery

The Adamson Gallery has been on something of an animal kick recently: First it hosted a group show of animal photographs titled “Wild Things,” and now it’s showing “India Song,” a series of photographic works by London-based artist Karen Knorr that features animals making themselves at home in historic palaces and holy spaces in India. [...]

DCRA Finalizes Rules Exempting Used and Vintage Stores From Secondhand Business License

Good news for the Adams Morgan and 14th Street NW businesses that got a rude visit earlier this year from District regulators—as well as every store in D.C. that sells used or vintage media, furniture, clothing, and other goods: The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has published its final new regulations simplifying the [...]

E Street and Bethesda Row Theaters Convert to All-Digital Projection

If you were at the AFI this weekend to catch Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, you were witness to a dying bit of cinema history.
It’s not the 70mm film format that Anderson used to shoot his "Scientology movie"; given that The Master is the first narrative feature shot in that large, gloriously detailed format in [...]