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This Week in WCP Arts: Riot Act, Mike Daisey, and Plays About Occupy Wall Street

Chris Heller leads this week's arts section with a look at the ugly legal battle brewing between the owners of the former Riot Act Comedy Theater, which reopened as the game-centric Penn Social this month. Chris Klimek looks at the handful of shows at this year's Capital Fringe Festival that deal with the Occupy Wall [...]

Vitamin A: Kevin Roche’s “Study for a Pillar”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery.
Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo's design for the IBM pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair realizes some of architecture's goals beyond basic function. Coupled with a video explaining the process, the designs on paper illustrate the architects' thought [...]

Arts Roundup: Pawnee Edition

The D.C. Improv turns 20. [Express]
Sens. John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snow hang out with the delegation from Pawnee, Ind. [New York Times]
The tiny, very influential arts nonprofit in the alley behind the Phillips Collection [Post]
Natalie Hopkinson on how go-go persisted [Express]
Scoutmob's ScoutSoundsDC Podcast (featuring Oddisee, Misun, and other local acts this week) returns. [ScoutMob]
Talk [...]

Killing Joke: How the Curtain Fell on Riot Act Comedy Theater

What do you get when a businessman, a lawyer, and a self-described “Greek guy with a big nose” try to open a comedy club together?
A lawsuit.
When Riot Act Comedy Theater opened last August, it was supposed to shake up the established rhythms of D.C.’s comedy circuit: It boasted bookings like Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney, suggesting [...]

Take It to the Bridge, Week 2: Chajana denHarder

Some artists have probably been accused of sleeping on the job. Saturday, visitors to the Corcoran will see exactly that. As part of the museum's "Take It to the Bridge" series, co-presented by the Washington Project for the Arts, performance artist Chajana denHarder will crawl up into the bridge space above the museum's entrance and [...]

Dirt Farm: Romney Taxes

Listen: St. Vincent and Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren Cover Fleetwood Mac

Tracks from this compilation of indie-famous Fleetwood Mac covers keep trickling out like so many sweat beads dripping from Lindsey Buckingham's afro. (Gawd, I bet U.S. Royalty would kill to be on this thing.) But nothing from the album has grabbed me as hard as Craig Wedren and St. Vincent's gloss on "Sisters of the Moon." No [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cabaret, Junior Boys, and Ecuadorian Film!

So often when Erin Driscoll sings, the point of opening her pert little mouth isn’t to sound good. In Hairspray, as the blonde social climber Amber Von Tussle, she didn’t so much sing as sneer—fabulously. But tonight at her cabaret, Driscoll wants you to actually, really, genuinely like her. And her voice, too. “Get Happy! The [...]

Zoe Kazan on Ruby Sparks and Writing Her Own Dream Girl

Playwright, actress, and screenwriter Zoe Kazan has been seen—or not seen—in blink-and-you-missed-them indie films like Meek’s Cutoff and Happythankyoumoreplease. But the 28-year-old Los Angeles native is also the granddaughter of famed director Elia Kazan, which just about makes her Hollywood royalty. (Her parents are in the biz as well.)
Now she’s written her first movie, Ruby Sparks, [...]

Arts Roundup: Getting the Band Back Together Edition

Quiet down, rumor mill, 'cause it's official: The Make-Up will play Black Cat Sept. 20. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. [Black Cat]
Katherine Goldstein, who's engaged to Dismemberment Plan singer Travis Morrison, writes a column about how she unwittingly walked into a relationship with a rock star. The comments, predictably, are brutal. [Slate]
A scene [...]