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Take It to the Bridge, Week 3: Jennifer Coster

Unlike last Saturday's sleep performance, the only live element in Jennifer Coster’s installation for the Corcoran's "Take It to the Bridge" series will be the tweeting of birds. "Canaries in McMansionland," on view Aug. 1 through Aug. 5, will feature just that: canaries in a McMansion—or, really, a birdcage made to look like one.

Go-Go Live Author Says Politics & Prose Silenced Her Mix CD, Store Disagrees

A reading of Go-Go Live, a new  book about D.C.'s homegrown sound, at Chevy Chase's Politics & Prose last night turned into a parody of race relations in the District, according to author Natalie Hopkinson.
Hopkinson brought a mix CD of funk and go-go songs to play during the signing. But 30 seconds after the first [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bill T. Jones, Speedy Stand-Up Comedy

Watching a dance performance from the lawn at Wolf Trap can be like looking at a painting from a mile away: Details of lines and phrasing disappear in the gulf between stage and grass. But once in a while a company comes along with a show that transcends the less-than-ideal conditions. “Story/Time” by the Bill [...]

Substantial Touts His Resume

This just in: Substantial can rap. And I'm not talking this broken sentence flow that's popular with the kids these days. I'm talking thoughtful lyrics and a razor-sharp delivery that'll keep you affixed to the rewind button.
Released Monday, Substantial's "Check My Resume" displays those abilities through bragging rhymes set atop a vigorous Oddisee instrumental and DJ [...]

Arts Roundup: Chompie Edition

The Smithsonian unleashes a visitor's guide app. [Around the Mall]
Doug Aitken's design for a pavilion at the Tate Liverpool museum looks an awful lot like "Song1" at the Hirshhorn [Architect]
Michael Kaiser: How arts organizations can persuade their board members to hit their friends up for money [Huffington Post D.C.]
More photos of the Pussy [...]

H Street Playhouse Reveals New Anacostia Home: 2020 Shannon Place SE

H Street Playhouse, which Mayor Vince Gray announced last week would be moving to Anacostia, revealed its exact location at a press conference today: 2020 Shannon Place SE.
The warehouse—which is located directly behind The Hive, a communal work space—was used during the Lumen8Anacostia temporium event earlier this year. H Street Playhouse presented three short readings [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Rabid: A Cultural History of the World's Most Diabolical Virus, Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy.
I've been scared of rabies ever since I saw Old Yeller in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Here's what happens: Old Yeller is a cool, yellow dog. Then [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ai Weiwei at E Street

China continues to throw legal obstacles at artist-activist Ai Weiwei, to discredit him at home (obscenity and bigamy charges) and abroad (tax evasion). So in July, surprising no one, China rejected Ai’s appeal that the state’s tax authorities had violated his rights in raids that culminated in the $2.4 million case brought against him—as well [...]

Reviewed: “Exchange” at Project 4 Gallery

“Exchange,” assembled at Project 4 by guest curator Sheldon Scott, proceeds on two distinct tracks that can be appreciated either separately or together. On the one hand, the exhibit offers 10 photographs that feature a variety of local D.C. locations and characters; at the same time, it offers an audio commentary, accessible by phone, in [...]

Arts Roundup: In-Crowd Edition

Peter Marks: Fringe is incubating promising new work. D.C. theaters need to help it finish the job. [Post]
A Fringe artist explains how much money he made at the festival and why [Fringe & Purge]
"Perhaps art world fashion will change someday. Perhaps someday the in-crowd will place a higher value on Rogers’s logistical wizardry and Boy [...]