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Head-Roc’s Mouth: Race and Musical Chairs on the S2

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.

When people tell me I've accused them of racism in instances where I've highlighted injustices that descendants of enslaved Africans deal with every day, I respond by saying, “Well, I didn’t say it was racism… but since you’ve brought it up, prove [...]

Arts Roundup: It’s in the Groove Edition

Slowly, slowly, Christoph Eschenbach is making welcome changes at the National Symphony Orchestra. [Post]
How D.C. street artist DECOY got into mural-making out of shyness. [Pink Noise]
Ian Svenonius visits Muscle Shoals. [Vice]
John Feffer, Fringe mainstay, on John Feffer [DC Theatre Scene]
Mynabirds returns to D.C., home of singer Laura Burhenn [Post]

Your Latin and Caribbean Music Weekend

It’s another busy weekend for Caribbean and Latino music in the area.  While the varied genres featured may not have a lot in common, they all can get one dancing.  Although there won’t be a DC Caribbean Carnival parade this weekend as originally scheduled, because the organizers owe money to the city, various clubs around [...]

Silverdocs: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, Reviewed

You don’t need to see a documentary about Ai Weiwei to know that the odds are against him. Though Chinese authorities have relaxed the conditions of his house arrest, allowing him to leave his home without reporting his whereabouts to police, they have also introduced pornography and bigamy charges against the artist for appearing nude [...]

Riot Act Comedy Theater’s Second Act: A Bar (With Some Comedy)

Riot Act Comedy Theater is about to shed its comedic side, at least partly. The E Street NW club, which opened last August, will become a bar, but the club’s management wants to preserve as much comedy as possible in addition to featuring other kinds of entertainment.
Penn Social, the new bar, will open on July [...]

“An Architect’s Dream” at Curator’s Office, Reviewed

Think of the knick-knacks that so often clutter your bookshelf. Those are what Todd Levin may have thought about while guest-curating the recent exhibition at The Curator’s Office. "An Architect's Dream" is anchored by a Joseph Cornell assemblage; he's the creative benefactor of the three living artists featured. Cornell’s works are tiny stages and dreamscapes, [...]

At the DC Black Theatre Festival, a Tale of Violence in Dupont Circle

The events that inspired The Heroes' Tale have been on Cheryl Butler-Poole's mind for decades. Back in the 1980s, the D.C.-based playwright lived in the Dupont area. One evening she fell into conversation with four older men who called themselves Dupont Circle Heroes. The Heroes never explained the name, but they obviously shared a long and [...]

Artomatic: Out of Vitamins

Artomatic comes to a close tomorrow. Thanks to the mad rush to get things online, in print, or on air, the bulk of the chatter around the event popped up in the latter half of May, right after the megaexhibit opened. After all the top-10 lists and photo essays were posted, the dialogue slowed to [...]

A Little Bit Enfant Terrible: A Chat With Afro-Spanish Singer Buika

Last year, the New York Daily News reported that Afro-Spanish singer Buika was retiring. I asked Buika, who appears at the Howard Theatre tonight, about that.
“Me retiring, I am too young for that," she said. "What happened was that my previous manager was mad at me that I didn’t want to do a 48-date tour [...]

ToDo ToDay: Hot Snakes, Barefoot Running, Exclusive Picnicking

For members of the cult of John Reis and Rick Froberg—the two garage-rock heavyweights from Rocket From the Crypt and Drive Like Jehu—the 2005 demise of their band Hot Snakes felt like a knife in the gut. They went on to form Obits and The Night Marchers, temporarily appeasing their rabid fanbase (which is composed [...]