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ToDo ToDay: Smithsonian Folklife Festival

For the better part of five decades, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival has spotlighted musicians and craftspeople from specific corners of the globe. This year’s event features three themes—Campus and Community, Creativity and Crisis, and Citified—with no particular international focus. But it’s still worth braving the heat. During the day, visitors can check out the AIDS [...]

Arts Roundup: Certain Kinds of Trash Edition

It was a good day for interviews at BYT: Rob Pierangeli (Casper Bangs, Latristic) interviews Can! [Brightest Young Things] And Amanda Mackaye and KC talk hair metal, diversity, and dancing at Fort Reno! [Brightest Young Things]
Chain & The Gang has a new video for "Certain Kinds of Trash." [YouTube]
Fat Trel shows up—shirtless, naturally—in Sway's "Bet Dat" [...]

Download: Awthentik and Spalding’s Beef and Broccoli

"Is an introduction really necessary for someone we all know?", a male voice asks at the top of Beef and Broccoli, the collaborative new album from Silver Spring rapper Awthentik and Violet Says 5 frontman Ethan Spalding.
In this case? Probably. While Awthentik and Spalding carry weight within the city's tight-knit open-mic circle, their names aren't [...]

10 Reasons to Love The Newsroom

I don't know what everybody's talking about: The Newsroom, HBO's Aaron Sorkin-penned drama about cable news, is great. Here are the best parts (spoilers ahoy!):
1. This guy:

Why don't they give him 10 o'clock? He's such a persistent interviewer, although I'm not sure that "Why is America the best ever?" is the right hill on which to [...]

ToDo ToDay: White Lung

Don’t let the mock politeness of its title deceive: Vancouver punks White Lung’s latest record, Sorry, is an unapologetically blistering 20 minutes of music. Imagine The Germs, Jawbreaker, and early Hole dumped into a blender with the knob set to thrash. Repping for Vancouver’s quietly but steadily thriving DIY scene (which also includes their former tourmates, [...]

Arts Roundup: Local Music Edition

XLR8R loves local record label Future Times. [XLR8R]
Berklee College of Music publication Berklee Today talks to Bluebrain about their album/app The National Mall. [Berklee Today]
Today's at-work listening: Benoit & Sergio do a summer-themed podcast for Resident Advisor. [Resident Advisor]
A deep talk with Frau Eva about their new album, Underneath Eyelids [All Our Noise]

Silverdocs’ Sterling Award Winners Announced

That awkward moment when City Paper didn’t review any of the Sterling Award winners at this year’s Silverdocs? Oh well.
Only the Young took home Best U.S. Feature. Directors Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims explored the relationship of three Southern California teenagers who were caught in a love triangle. "We loved this film for its striking [...]

Design Within Reach: Did a Local Theater Troupe Rip Off Its Set?

Kenneth Collins, the artistic director of New York theater group Temporary Distortion, wrote and directed a play called Americana Kamikaze that had its fully staged premiere in 2009. Over the next two years, the troupe mounted the video-heavy work at festivals in France, Australia, the Czech Republic, Seattle, and elsewhere.
But in 2012, to hear Collins [...]

More Than Just Trombone Shorty’s Cousin: Glen David Andrews

New Orleans is known for its musical families—think the Marsalises and the Nevilles. Tonight at The Hamilton, a member of another great Crescent City lineage will perform.
The Glen David Andrews Band is led by its namesake singer and trombone player, whose cousins include Trombone Shorty Andrews and James Andrews. Glen David's brother Derrick Tabb plays [...]

ToDo ToDay: Whither the DIY Space?

Gold Leaf Studios is gone. Subterranean A held its last show this past weekend. Hole in the Sky is on-again, off-again. The fate of O Street Studios is still iffy, but its residents recently staved off the construction of a hostel on the first floor. Artist and DIY spaces lead a precarious life anywhere, but [...]