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ToDo ToDay: Lessons From Wham City

Comedy fans who dislike comedy clubs, rejoice: Tonight, Baltimore collective Wham City brings its Wonder Showzen-, Tim and Eric-, and Everything is Terrible!-inspired anti-comedy show to house venue Subterranean A. The group is touring its  newest “seminar” series, in which it covers hot topics like making money and the effects of alien advertising on humans. The [...]

Read Our Best of D.C. Issue!

It's finally here: The one week of the year when we suspend our civic kvetching and tell you what we like. You'll find all sorts of goodies inside this year's Best of D.C. issue, including a whole quarter of the paper dedicated to arts and entertainment. Leading that section are long picks from Marcus J. [...]

Justin Jones to Release a Full-Length on 9:30 Records

The first release from the 9:30 Club's widely trumpeted label, 9:30 Records, was an EP from local alt-country howler Justin Jones (who, by the way, is a 9:30 Club bartender). It's been more than a year, and the second release from 9:30 Records? It's a full-length from Justin Jones.
OK, so this more or less confirms [...]

Arts Roundup: Mad Props Edition

Cornell University's choral director, Scott Tucker, to succeed Choral Arts Society honcho Norman Scribner, who founded the ensemble 46 years ago. [Post]
Black Cat Peep show! (Not what you think.) [Post]
DMV producer Judah's track-by-track review of Fat Trel's Nightmare on E St. is pretty brutal. [For the DMV Only]
Chatting with curator Amy Lipton, whose selections for the ongoing [...]

Brightest Young Things Plans New York Expansion

If you can plot the history of Brightest Young Things by its parties, then last night's rather intimate soiree at the Gibson Guitar Showcase was a bit of an undersell: The website's leader, Svetlana Legetic, is stepping away from BYT's daily editorial operations, and here she was introducing her successors, Managing Editor Logan Donaldson and Assistant Editor [...]

Mike Daisey Returns to the Scene of His Heinous Crime (Now With 60 Percent More Contrition!)

For me, the most interesting exchange in Mike Daisey’s hourlong public Q&A at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company last night was the one I've transcribed below. I've indicated where I couldn't decipher a word on my recording.
QUESTION: I think you are a great fabricator, in the best sense of the word and in the worst [...]

The Foxorcist Needs Tithings

Actor/filmmaker Rene Rokk is trying to, uh, scare up at least $20,000 for a short film called The Foxorcist, which his Kickstarter campaign describes as a "parody/satire where two priests come to 'exorcise' the 'demons' infecting the halls of power in Washington, DC and in the popular shock and awe media outlets." Rokk [...]

Dirt Farm: Drugs

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. New American Haggadah, by Jonathan Safran Foer, translated by Nathan Englander.
Rewriting a religious text to suit your taste proves that, in the world of arts and letters, you're a baller. King James did it. Thomas Jefferson did it. Joseph Smith did it. So [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sushi Food Porn!

Sukiyabashi Jiro is underground, nestled into the wall of a drab Tokyo subway station. The narrow sushi bar seats only 10. The bathroom is outside the restaurant, down the subway corridor. And yet, it is, with very little argument, home of the best raw fish on earth. David Gelb’s Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a loving [...]