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Ring of Truth: In Studio Theatre’s Sucker Punch, the Sweet Science Is an Art

One of Hollywood’s most resilient little lies is that the collision of fist on flesh makes a loud noise. When John Wayne was doing the slugging, it was like a door slam. But when you train as a boxer, punches are loud only because you’re hitting a leather bag or leather mitts with leather gloves—a drum [...]

D.C. Independent Film Festival: A Swingin’ Trio, Reviewed

The D.C. Independent Film Festival opens today and runs through Sunday. Over the next few days, Arts Desk will review a number of the films on the slate.
Highly unlikeable characters tend to result in highly unlikeable films—at least when that character is in almost every scene, as is Homer (Johnny Walter), an unsuccessful novelist, in [...]

DIRTFARM: Hey! Let’s All Go Eat together!

Pancake Mountain Is No More

Some news to make your afternoon feel like utter doo-doo: After 10 years, Pancake Mountain, the punkest kids television show in the history of the medium, is signing off. Last night, creator Scott Stuckey posted a sendoff video (it's been disabled on YouTube, but you can watch it here) starring Pancake Mountain's puppet host, Rufus R. [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Connaitre Miller and D.C. Independent Film Festival

With all the recent attention paid in D.C. and elsewhere to Afro-Blue, Connaitre Miller has earned a victory lap. The director of the Howard University jazz vocal ensemble is a internationally respected educator and extraordinary performer in her own right. She possesses a booming voice, as brassy as a trombone and as powerful as an [...]

Vitamin A: Cliff Evans’ “Camping at Home #1″

In which our art critics highlight a favorite work on view in a local gallery. Click to enlarge!
Cliff Evans' work in "Sites and Stations," currently on view in the University of Maryland's Stamp Gallery, is a bit of a quagmire once you start to break it down. He starts with a Photoshop collage of some like elements: [...]

Why Did So Few Critics Address The Gaming Table’s Pseudo-Rape Scene?

If you couldn't tell from the headline, this post contains a pretty big spoiler.
The Gaming Table—the largely diverting, sumptuously designed, Restoration-era cards-and-costumes comedy by Susanna Centlivre currently on stage at the Folger Theatre—has been getting a lot of credit for its gender politics. The Washington Post profiled its all-female production staff led by director Eleanor Holdridge. [...]

Arts Roundup: Wonky Edition

Lots of fanfare planned for the Discovery space shuttle's touchdown at the Air and Space Museum. [Post]
How to upend the problematic way(s) in which playwrights get their new work to theaters. Warning: high wonk factor. [Gwydion Suilebhan]
Robert Bettmann on expanding District support of the arts. [Huffington Post]
Jasper Johns in the hizzzaaaay. [Post]
Big Freedia's show at [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Humanitini

In this city of wonks, many of which champion proper urban development, it’s no surprise that barstool chatter often slips into detailed debate over transportation issues: bike lane placement, driving versus taking the Metro, the need to develop walkable communities, and so on. What isn’t so usual is when the company involved includes some of [...]

René Moffatt’s “Route 42″ Video Offers a Rather Nonsensical Portrayal of Public Transit

Singer-songwriter René Moffatt recently released a music video, partially funded by a grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, for a song about the 42 bus. It's called “Route 42.” Below, a critique of the video's WMATA literacy.
0:00: “Route 42"? The 42 is a bus line. It used to be a streetcar line. [...]