Best Place to Pet a Dog That’s Not Yours

Logan Circle
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
The standard D.C. gripes about dog walking are pretty easy to understand: There’s too much poop! There aren’t enough leashes! Call them Northwest problems. Based on all the canine complaining, you’d think unleashed dogs were hanging out on every corner, just waiting to relieve themselves on the foot of some unfortunate jogger. In fact, that’s not quite the case. Canine lovers who live in under-dogged parts of the city, in fact, need to travel to get their pooch-petting fix. Where to go for some drive-by dog-loving? Try Logan Circle, which has reached a critical mass of brunch places that attracts a glut of weekend dog walkers. Under a square mile, with about 16,000 residents, the neighborhood is tightly packed and pedestrian-friendly. It’s the neighborhood epicenter of the yuppiest of meals—and the dogs that go along.