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Huffington Post D.C.’s slideshow of snow tweets
Considering how little precipitation we saw this winter, it’s not a surprise that the newish Huffington Post D.C. decided to capitalize on a snowy day’s Internet clicks with this headline: “D.C. Snow Flurries: Nation’s Capital Experiences January Weather Conditions As Twitter Reacts.” Snow! Nation’s Capital! Twitter! The story was a slideshow of 15 tweets about the snow. (One example: Luke Russert declared, “Snow flurries in #DC ...time to call out the National Guard so people can drive home.”) But when City Paper mocked it with our own slideshow (“Photos: Top 10 Snowflakes (on Washington City Paper’s Parking Deck)”), we were alarmed to see how many people actually clicked their way through it. So maybe HuffPo was onto something, after all.