Best Most Fashionable Bus Stop

Howard University shuttle bus stop at Euclid and 16th streets NW
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Students who live in Howard University’s Meridian Hill Hall wait each morning for a shuttle bus to drive them to campus, and groggy-eyed commuters who drive, bike, or walk by their stop are rewarded by the sight of some of the most stylish women to ever await transportation. Last year the Huffington Post ranked Howard the second most Best Dressed college in the nation, and the commendation sticks: No matter the weather, no matter the ungodly hour, there’s never a shortage of bright colors, bold patterns, and fierce accessorization. On particularly cat-hair-covered days, it’s enough to make those of us without God-given style feel cowed, but seeing that kind of fearless, individual style so early in the morning is a nice inspiration to put on some red lipstick when you get to work.