Best Local Bike Blogger

Brian McEntee
Tales from the Sharrows
Website @sharrowsDC on Twitter
Brian McEntee writes, ostensibly, about his commute from his Capitol Hill home to his job at American University. But Tales from the Sharrows, where McEntee has been posting twice-daily riding logs for over a year, also makes liberal mention of sandwiches. And toy poodles (mostly McEntee’s own, named Ellie). And soccer. Oh, and the occasional reference to Hungarian fairy tales. McEntee’s ride reports are rambling—they often extend past the 1,000-word mark—but nonetheless studded with funny lines (“Anyway, downtown was a mess of drivers and pedestrians and bicyclists and everyone broke the rules and hated each other and seemed miserable”). Last November, the blog took on an activist streak: To raise money for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, McEntee put a slate of goods and services up for sale, ranging from buttons adorned with the Tales from the Sharrows logo ($5) to an offer to blog another willing commuter’s ride ($50). The effort raised around $750, which McEntee delivered to WABA’s headquarters—in a tux.