Best Sports Owner

Best: Ted Leonsis
2nd Best: Abe Pollin
Everybody’s worshipping at the altar of Ted Leonsis these days. His Capitals are the only winners in the market, and by the what-have-you-done-for-us-lately scale, he’s a runaway as the best owner around here. But, take away the “lately,” and it’s all about Ted’s landlord, Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin. Pollin is 85, and his lot of old-man ailments has kept him mostly out of the public eye for the last couple of seasons. And in that time the Wizards have gone from one of the most exciting and likable sports franchises anywhere to a dysfunctional, boring bunch of losers. But even if nobody doesn’t beat the Wiz ever again, Abe’s done enough. For crissakes, his Bullets made the NBA Finals four times in the 1970s. Four times! And, come on, he won it all in 1978! Anybody who whines that pumping up that lone title lets Pollin off the hook for the decades-long mediocrity skein, dig this: In the 31 years since Pollin delivered Washington its one and only hoops championship, only eight NBA cities have claimed a crown (nine, if you count Seattle, which is no longer an NBA city). So let’s celebrate the man, while we can. You go rest on your laurels, Abe. Some of us remember.