Best Ridiculous Prince of Petworth Feature

Best: Tie—Door of the Day and the post titled “I Got Some Info on the ‘Residences at Georgia Avenue’”
2nd Best: PoPtrekker
In a fake BBC accent, the prince himself opens monthly installments of a video feature on his blog with “Welcome to PoPtrekker.” Switching over to his highness’ real voice, he then announces that PoPtrekker is brought to us “by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner Foundation.” Also: It’s a joint venture with the Intangible Arts blog. How it works is IA films PoP as PoP points out various “neat” things around Northwest, including an old house on Georgia Avenue NW. “I used to know more about it, but the important thing is it looks super cool,” says the prince, a bit hoarse from a Drive-by Truckers two-night stand at the 9:30 Club. And we have to ask: Journalists are losing their jobs faster than they can say “twitterer” and a foundation is giving money to a blogger for this? According to the PoP blog, the feature is inspired by Globe Trekker, which airs in 18 countries—in the U.S. through PBS—and is now in its 13th season. PoP watched a few episodes “and I thought, hell, I should do something like that around DC. And here we are.” And we have to ask: Can you go back to photographing doors now?