Best Real Estate/Development Blog

Best: DCmud
2nd Best: DCMetrocentric
The average DCMetrocentric post is usually no more than an image and a few to-the-point words. But for real estate and development, sometimes that’s all you need to know if something works. In a field that requires a good eye and a gnawing intuition about what buildings and projects are worth photographing, DCMetrocentric has both. In late February, it reported on the building chosen to house the Troubled Assets Recovery Program (TARP) and captured a photo of one of D.C.’s most endangered historic buildings finally getting a makeover. But one of DCMetrocentric’s greatest coups came last fall, when the blog started writing about Clarendon’s 12-foot-wide “Skinny House.” Since then, the property’s been covered by the Washington City Paper and NewsChannel 8, among others, and is now described as a “tourist attraction.” When it comes to meatier material, DCmud wins the top spot. This blog is written by “slightly unhinged folks at—the hardest working marketing and sales team for condos and leasing, and the unequaled real estate resource in the Washington DC area.” So yeah: They sell buildings and use this site to get their name out. But DCmud is often the first to write about major projects in the city, and they always seem to get ahold of the pics, too.