Best Media Struggle

Best: Newspapers vs. New Media
2nd Best: Jason La Canfora vs. Vinny Cerrato
Nothing about the Washington Redskins season was more interesting or entertaining than the feud between Washington Postwas more interesting or entertaining than the feud between Washington Post reporter Jason La Canfora and Skins omniexecutive Vinny Cerrato. The brouhaha simmered through the offseason, when La Canfora would throw a sentence into essentially every story he wrote letting readers know that Cerrato was upset with the paper’s coverage of the team and wasn’t talking to him. Cerrato dropped the “no comment” pose in a huge way early into the regular season when he got a semiweekly show on Dan Snyder’s sports-talk station, WTEM-AM. On one of his first DJ stints, and with his team the talk of the league after upset wins in Dallas and Philadelphia, Cerrato accused the reporter by name with snitching on the team to NFL officials about possible tampering. La Canfora, just as Snyder and Cerrato surely hoped, became Public Enemy No. 1 on the Redskins official message board,, with posters advocating for La Canfora to be ignored or fired. But La Canfora fought back just as brutally on his blog and in e-mails to Redskins fans, flat-out calling Cerrato a liar for his “pathetic attempt to slander me” and adding that the behavior was “not surprising in the least given who it is coming from.” The feud seemed headed for a cage or a street corner but fizzled as the Redskins fell out of contention and Cerrato’s big personnel move, defensive end Jason Taylor, turned into a bust. Cerrato replaced La Canfora as the favored whipping boy of the Extremeskins crowd. Cerrato made himself look even worse by failing to show up for his radio show during the downturn. Barring a Skins playoff run, don’t look for Cerrato to return to the air again.