Best Media Happy Hour

Best: Reason’s old Big Hunt bashes
2nd Best: Reason’s new Big Hunt bashes
Back before the Second Great Depression, Reason’s happy hours at the Big Hunt were a place where “every Libertarian-as-Bacchus fantasy you’ve entertained plays out before your widening eyes,” or so said Post staff writer Monica Hesse. As a sometime-employee of Reason, this writer can attest that things were a lot different before the bubble burst and the big donors that keep the foundation side of Washington running got all shy with their wallets. So, yeah, gone are nights when a Reason intern could invite all his friends to the Big Hunt and bill their drinks to the company tab. Nowadays, you have to ask magazine bigs for the privilege of getting drunk on foundation coin. But the tightened purse strings have failed to deter the magazine’s motley clientele from showing up, getting drunk, and—every so often—showing their asses. And where else can you discuss the Austrian business cycle theory, freebasing meth, and the merits of protecting animated representations of child pornography—all with the same person?