Best Local Web Site

Best: Brightest Young Things
2nd Best: JDLand
Credit JDLand with thoroughness. If there is a development—however puny, however bureaucratic—regarding the commercial and residential layout of near Southeast D.C., this site may well break the news and will certainly have all the analysis and documents behind it. The site’s blog items refresh very regularly and there are cool interactive maps and the like. JDLand, in fact, might just deserve a higher ranking, if only it weren’t so nasty. If you want to contact “JD”—Jacqueline Dupree, that is—you get not an invitation, but a lecture, which includes, but is not limited to, the following scolds: “Please don’t ask me to contact you with information about home sales or rentals, or season tickets, or work opportunities…Please do not ask if I would consider expanding this site’s boundaries…Questions about the Near Southeast real estate market have about a 10% chance of being answered…If you’re sending a What’s The Deal With...? question, be advised that not all of them will get answered on the site.” On second thought, can we demote this site to 1,000th-best?