Best Local Politics

Best: WAMU-FM’s D.C. Politics Hour
2nd Best: WAMU-FM’s (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) Politics Hour
Ever since the Friday noon show was expanded to include Maryland (slots!) and Virginia (I-66 traffic! Smoking ban! Tim Kaine’s eyebrow!), Kojo Nnamdi’s show inevitably started to feel a little diluted. Now, some weeks, D.C. gets only a few minutes on the latest big news, with almost zero time for the fun neighborhood stuff or the in-depth give-and-take between Kojo, his guests, and the latest politico in hot water. I mean, when is talking about the Intercounty Connector ever fun? If the news hole for District shenanigans has shrunk in recent years, this is why. While the addition of Tom Sherwood is a huge plus—he’s a first-rate reporter who’s actually funny—I don’t want to hear him quiz a member of the Montgomery County Council. No offense to the Montgomery County Council, but I don’t care about your latest zoning issue.