Best Local Bike Blog

Best: TheWashCycle
2nd Best: Bikes for the Rest of Us
TheWashCycle scours local media for news of interest to cyclists. Bikes for the Rest of Us tries to get you riding, and not just for fun. “For too long, the US bicycle industry has made the tacit assumption that bicycling is a recreational or fitness activity,” David Moskovitz, 35, one of the site’s authors, writes in an e-mail. “The needs and desires of the person who uses a bike to get around town are very different.” To that end, Bikes for the Rest of Us periodically presents a new bike model, running down its utility-cycling bona fides: racks, fenders, chainguards—basically anything that makes a bike useful instead of fast. “Tell interested non-cyclists that they need special clothes and shoes to take a ten mile ride on a Sunday afternoon, and see how many takers you get,” says Moskovitz. “[F]irst we have to get them on the bikes. We can worry about the stuff later.”