Best Item of Clothing to Remove at a Gay Bar

Best: Shirt
2nd Best: Pants
Any respectable D.C. gay bar offers a “Shirtless Men Drink Free” happy hour—throughout the work week, you can find shirtless men drinking at Omega D.C., the D.C. Eagle, and the Green Lantern. The Lantern (1335 Green Court NW) does a solid shirtless business every Thursday from 10 to 11 p.m. You peel off your shirt, you throw back a couple free drinks, and everybody’s abdominals start to look a little more socially acceptable. On Saturdays, the club one-ups its local competition by making men remove their pants, too. At the midnight “Men in Underwear Drink Free” hour, the wardrobe change is a bit hairier to navigate. Jeans accumulate over bulky shoes. Packages are precariously adjusted into place. Thighs risk chafing in the walk from bathroom to bar. The added embarrassment, at least, will encourage you to milk your free hour of booze for all it’s worth. Insider tip: Take off your pants in the women’s restroom, where a row of free stalls provides ample protection from the unforgiving bathroom lights.