Best George Mason Personality

Best: Reann Ballslee
2nd Best: Ryan Allen
For four years, Reann Ballslee lived in two Tupperware containers beneath Ryan Allen’s bed. Allen birthed Ballslee, his fabulous drag queen alter-ego, on a whim in 2005 to spice up his hosting duties at a work talent show. “At that point, Reann was just me in a dress,” says Allen. Last month, the drag queen finally eclipsed her creator, stepping out as George Mason homecoming queen “Ms. Mason” in a floor-length fishtailed Jessica McClintock gown. While Ballslee basks in her rhinestone-studded fame, which she earned through a mastery of Mason trivia, a “fierce” lip-synch performance to Britney Spears’ “Womanizer,” and votes from fellow students, Allen prepares for midterms. “I’m just a regular college student,” he says. “My room’s a mess. I do my homework. I try to make sure my PowerPoint presentations don’t look ugly. I work two jobs.” Though Allen’s daily grind is lacking in the typical Ballslee sparkle, Allen’s future may be brighter than the star’s. “I’m not sure if Reann is going to remain a part of my life,” says Allen, who hopes to find a position in promotions or advertising after graduating from Mason this May. “It depends on where I move, if that city has a drag scene, and if that drag scene has the space for another queen.”