Best Ethnic Reporter

Best: Kojo Nnamdi
2nd Best: Patricia Guadalupe
Everything Kojo Nnamdi says comes in that smoooth patois he brought here from the land of his birth, Guyana. He’s the best there is. But the most obviously ethnic reporter in our market is WTOP’s Patricia Guadalupe. She’s a general assignment reporter, so there’s no uniformity to her beat. And the voice she uses to deliver the news about real estate tax assessments or tryouts for the Nationals’ Running Presidents or whatever is nondescript. Which is what you’d expect from somebody born here in D.C., as Guadalupe’s WTOP bio says she was. But everything gets bizarrely descript at the end of those pieces, when she breaks into a hyper-Hispanic accent for her signoff—“Pah-TREEES-SEEE-yahh GWAAAH-dah-LOOO-pay!…WTOP!”—that comes out of nowhere and seems as caricatured as anything the Frito Bandito ever uttered. To be fair, Guadalupe didn’t invent this attention-calling gimmick. Whenever I hear it, I think about the routine comedian Brian Regan did years ago about how clichéd it had become for broadcasters of Latin heritage to have exaggerated IDs. Regan wondered why reporters of other heritages don’t exploit their roots. Guadalupe’s signoff, like Regan’s routine, makes me giggle every time I hear it, and, given my lineage, think how cool it would be if Chris Matthews flaunted a big brogue at the end of his show each night.