Best Cultural Cross-Pollination

Best: Vietnamese-Cajun restaurants (e.g., Sea Side Crab House in Eden Center)
2nd Best: D.C. punk legends marrying Italians
Italy: Known for its style, its food, the general fabulousness of its people. D.C.: Not. Still, Italian music has always sucked. In recent years, three people who’ve helped make D.C. music known around the world—Geoff Turner (Gray Matter), Alec Bourgeois (Severin), and Joe Lally (Fugazi)—have married Italian natives. Some may argue these positions should have been filled by Americans, but just think: In 20 years, this region could be home to a super-race of people with impeccable fashion sense and killer discographies. In an e-mail, Turner reports his 11-month-old son plays keyboards and “has tight fitting kid clothes and great shoes…we’re really proud of his style evolution.” Bourgeois disputes the notion that Italians are better dressers, however: “The super groovy Italian Mod fashions have mostly given way to Dolce & Gabbana,” he writes in an e-mail, “and I think Georgetown hairdressers were hip to that scene a long time ago.” Unlike Lally, who’s split for Rome, neither man intends to emigrate; Turner calls Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi “a combination of Rupert Murdoch and Don Rickles,” and Bourgeois says he’s “a mafia connected ex-cruise-ship singer who has destroyed the economy and idolizes George Bush.” And while Turner admits to a brief crush on Kylie Minogue, neither he nor Bourgeois is abandoning punk for dance music. Yet. “I still think it’s shit,” says Bourgeois.