Best Band Photo-Shoot Locale

Best: National Gallery of Art Skating Rink
700 Constitution Ave. NW
2nd Best: Meridian Hill Park
16th and Euclid Streets NW
Get out the skinny pants, it’s time to take promo photos for your new indie rock project. But where to shoot? Your best bet is the National Gallery of Art’s ice skating rink. Call ahead and a nice press lady might give you the run of the place—as was recently the case for members of local band Ra Ra Rasputin, who skated by themselves and even rode the Zamboni between public skate sessions. If you’re not comfortable on ice, Meridian Hill Park isn’t a bad backup plan. Pose around the park’s random statuary (including James Buchanan, Joan of Arc, and—why not?—Dante) or alongside the dramatic cascade fountain and give the camera your surliest stare. City Paper will start previewing your shows in no time!