Best Liquor Store

Lion’s Fine Wine and Spirits
3614 Georgia Ave. NW
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

What you want in a liquor store is pretty simple: a good selection at decent prices. Friendly clerks who won’t mock you for focusing on the “decent prices” part more than the “good selection” part. And plenty of room to tote that bottle of Catalan red around while you check out the beer fridges. Lion’s has all that—plus Fox Soccer Channel or the NCAA tournament in HD on the televisions mounted above the cash register. The owners, who bought it a couple of years ago, were rumored to have put about $1 million into renovating the place, which explains the mahogany shelving and incongruously high-end lighting for a liquor store down the street from a strip club. Still, despite the fancy trimmings, it’s very much a neighborhood joint: The bartenders from D.C. Reynolds down the block have been known to pop in for emergency provisions on busy afternoons. And now, thanks to the D.C. Council’s recent loosening of the city’s blue laws, it’s open on Sunday. Cheers.