Best Consolation for Parents Stressed About Preschool

Other Cities
Sending your small child to begin her education is traumatic enough: Not only are you confronted with irrefutable evidence that she’s getting older, and thus—blasted mortality!—so are you, but here in the District, you’ve got a bewildering array of options for how and where to do it. (So bewildering, in fact, that we recently ran an essay on the whole mess on the cover of Washington City Paper.) Still, it only takes one conversation with parents who live elsewhere to remember that things could always be worse, as my wife and I realized when listening to friends detail the extensive interviews required to get their kid into a school in Brooklyn. Interviews. For people so young their idea of the height of wit is to call their mother “dada” and their father “mama.” Yes, chances are, the waiting list at whatever preschool you’re hoping to send your 2-year-old to was already full before she was born—but at least there’s no standardized testing yet.