Best Sassy Stationery Shop

1803 14th St. NW. (202) 462-7857
These days, everyone loves receiving mail, but nobody likes sending it. Perhaps because of the inevitable hassle at the Post Office or the pressure of writing something worthy of actual paper, the greeting card is right behind the compact disc on a swift march toward irrelevance.

But let’s face it; when your boss gets sick or your cousin squeezes out a baby, sending them an E-card isn’t going to cut it. The staff at Pulp recognizes the simple pleasures of a good card, and offers a wide selection untarnished by Hallmark treacle. But it’s not easy being retrograde. In September, the store announced it was closing after a fruitless search for a new owner. (Pulp’s founding owner, Ron Henderson, died in 2009.) Luckily, an interested party emerged, and the beloved institution avoided becoming yet another tapas joint. Lovers of lewd birthday puns, rejoice!