Best Bike Parking

Staple racks
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Consider the arty bike rack. Now, consider how much the arty bike rack sucks. It’s tough to lock up to a rack shaped like a bike (outside Peregrine Espresso on 8th Street SE), or one fashioned after a stack of paper clips (21st and K streets NW). So you make use of a nearby parking meter instead.

The best parking for two-wheeled steeds is the most basic: the humble staple rack, often too dinged-up or crowded to contemplate. But how practical it is! Listen up, business owners: DDOT’s transportation information center, goDCgo, assesses rack-ready sidewalks and streets free of charge. Owners have the option of installing arty racks or the tried-and-true staple model in front of their businesses. The plain-Jane racks might not jazz up a streetscape, but they do their jobs darn well—and that counts.