Best Way to Turn a Line of Impatient Customers Into a Community

Dozie Duru at FedEx Office
1812 Adams Mill Rd. NW, (202) 232-0260
He’s got a master’s degree in public administration and his real passion belongs to politics—but for now, he’s making do with a service job at a chain store in Adams Morgan. Dozie Duru’s loss is the D.C. public’s gain. The Nigerian native who mans the counter at the FedEx Office in Adams Morgan is the kind of person who makes faxing a letter, shipping a package, or double-siding and binding a document a pleasant experience. Not one of those flaky copy store guys who barely gives customers the time of day, Duru grants his full attention to every task and each person who walks in the door, with an unflappable, even-keeled demeanor—and a bright smile. “Man, he’s my guru,” said one of the FedEx delivery guys of Duru as he wheeled the day’s packages out to his truck. It’s an apt description: When he’s feeling expansive, Duru will launch into one of his theories of life, which are inevitably clear, practical, and mature way beyond his 30-some years.
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