Best Way to Look Badass on a Budget

The Chinatown Community Cultural Center
616 H St. NW, Suite 201, 202-628-1688
Newsflash, aspiring politico! Your career may one day get you laid, but not while you’re still interning. You’ve got to set yourself apart from all the other white collars if you want a date, and knowing the minutiae of your favorite senator’s re-election campaign just won’t cut it. Riding a Harley might turn a few heads, but you can’t afford that when you’re still pouring coffee for staffers. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to look badass, courtesy of the Chinatown Community Cultural Center. Thanks to free Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes, you can learn both the ancient art of meditative slow movement and a deadly form of martial arts without paying a dime. Just imagine practicing a bit of that Tai Chi on your lunch break and casually explaining you’ve taken up the practice. Likewise, if your newfound Kung Fu skills come up in conversation, you’ll sound not only powerful and dangerous, but also cultured and more interesting. Of course, simply enjoying the extensive health benefits, a deep sense of tradition, and greater personal discipline couldn’t hurt either.
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