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Homicide Watch D.C.
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Laura Norton Amico wants us to remember D.C.’s fallen. The former police reporter has taken on the task of chronicling the city’s homicides, and their aftermath, in painstaking detail. Since October, her blog Homicide Watch D.C. has told us about the lives taken and impacted by violence in the District. On a quest to make senseless deaths matter, even to the desensitized, Norton attends court hearings, mines Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and hounds the Metropolitan Police Department’s public information office for particulars on victims and assailants. Though D.C.’s homicide rate is the lowest it’s been for decades, Amico doesn’t think that excuses the cursory treatment area killings get from the media. She told The Washington Post: “I find it frustrating when I know there is a case and all I see is the police department’s rewritten press releases, when cases aren’t followed through, when there is no closure.”
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