Best Reason to Go to CVS Again

Self-checkout stations
Going to CVS used to be an exercise in frustration. Long lines snaked around narrow aisles as overworked, uninterested clerks rang up items; a quick trip for toothpaste could easily turn into a 30-minute struggle. CVS had remedied this stasis with self-check-out machines: Last year, 25 stores in the District added these do-it-yourself stations, which let customers buy stuff and bypass the onerous line. Scanning, bagging, and paying for one’s purchases can now be done in under a minute. It’s not just a plus for customers: Visits and sales are up by about 10 percent at locations with self-checkouts, according to the company, so expect the robots to advance to a CVS near you (if they’re not there already). It might appear that human clerks are at risk in this robot revolution, but the company, reassuringly, believes that “redeployed workers” will have a place on the sales floor, assisting customers, and stocking shelves. Looks like the only thing left to worry about is self-checkout stations gone rogue.
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