Best Pepco Representative

André Francis
Let’s be honest: If hell has an outpost in the DMV, it may very well be the Potomac Electric Power Company. Spiraling meter charges, frequent outages, penalizations for apartment dwellers living above restaurants...this racket operates with endless guile and no sympathy. But there’s one bright spot. Pepco, for all of its foibles, embraces a sliver of modernity in dealing with frustrated customers in the form of its @PepcoConnect Twitter account, and when spokesman André Francis takes its reins, the company almost has a human face. During the late January ice storm that threw hundreds of thousands of Pepco customers into the dark for as long as five days, Francis offered a glimmer of hope in the dark abyss to the company’s irate denizens. He manned @PepcoConnect with a unique touch of patience and speed; when colleagues needed to relieve him, the quality and expedience of responses to customer inquiries declined.
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