Best Men’s Big & Tall Store

K&G Fashion Superstore
5832 Columbia Pike, Falls Church
If you’re a big man living in the District, you’ve undoubtedly been dragged out to a local mall only to find out the only businesses that cater to you are in the food court. It seems there’s an inverse proportion between the size of a man and his clothing options. Enter K&G Fashion Superstore in Falls Church. If you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t know it was there. Located on the second floor of a strip mall and accessible only via a sketchy elevator which takes you up to a sales floor devoid of windows, K&G makes up in choice for what it lacks in class. The tightly packed, seemingly endless rows of clothes separated by size and the dingy fluorescent light fixtures make it obvious that this place is only about one thing—providing quality clothes in a variety of sizes and styles. From casual to sporty to formal and everything in between, K&G delivers. Some of my favorite finds include a blue velvet sports coat and perfectly cut dress slacks by Sean John. At last, a store that offers large men a selection comparable to their stature.
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