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Auto Tech Service
2328 Ontario Rd. NW, (202) 797-7585
Auto Tech Service is no-frills: Tucked away on a quiet Adams Morgan block, it’s fronted by a graffiti-covered wall, a placard that reads, “We are OPEN, please blow horn,” and the most basic of signs. The Bautista brothers, Jose Luis and Miguel Angel, opened the garage 12 years ago, and these days they’re about as busy as can be. Elder brother Luis says that customers find them on the Internet, but not via a traditional website. Instead, users sing the praises of the brothers’ mechanical savvy on Yelp!, where Auto Tech Service’s reviews could scarcely be better. With skills honed in their father’s repair shop in El Salvador, Luis and Miguel can be relied on to rig up a substitute if a particular part is too expensive. Most valuable to Auto Tech Service’s reputation might be the brothers’ reputation for trustworthiness when it comes to money. “I think honesty is the key to business,” says Luis. “If we’re honest, we’ll always have customers.”
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