Best Fashion Accessory Donned by Tweed Riders

Argyle Socks
Redemption through style? It might be a secret aspiration of any Esquire reader. Hell, it’s not even that bad of a slogan. But sartorial emancipation through the Dandies and Quaintrelles aesthetic can be a lethal cocktail of extravagance and douchebaggery. Pageboy caps can be found cheaply enough, but you’re as likely to see one atop a Kardashian-escorting chav as you are a Tweed Ride participant. Those Ozwald Boateng suits favored by D&Q honcho Eric Brewer start in the mid-four figures, measured in pounds sterling. But argyle socks are great! They can be worn any season in almost any setting: At work, they break from the gold-toed black-tube boardroom standard; in casual settings, they mesh equally well with sneakers or loafers. Just don’t wear them at the gym.
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