Best D.C. Election Bumper Sticker

Re-Elect Rhee
Although former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee wasn’t on the ballot, the Democratic primary for mayor—the only mayoral election that really matters in the unipolar District—was all about her. Rhee’s push to change the city’s school system was the lightning-rod issue that illuminated the city’s racial divide and permeated both campaigns. Whether you were an Adrian Fenty supporter or voted for current D.C. Mayor Vince Gray, you can’t deny the power of “Re-Elect Rhee” to boil down the election into a slogan. Not everyone was a fan. An anonymous blogger under the banner “Rheebot No More” noticed the sticker on a car leaving the Giant in Columbia Heights on Oct. 1. “That bumper sticker is asinine on so many levels,” the blogger wrote. “If I could make a Rhee bumper sticker it would read: ‘Punch Rhee in the face.’” But that’s not as catchy as Re-Elect Rhee, and good agitprop stirs strong feelings. To the sticker’s creator, I don’t know you, but I love your wit. I hope you stick around for more elections.
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