Best 21st Birthday Gift

Man Eating Flower Flasks
It’s important to own a flask. If you’re at a wedding, wake, or social function that is sorely lacking alcohol, just knowing that the whiskey is only a few seconds away can be a godsend. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to find a flask without a very bad, not-actually-ironic catchphrase that appeals to 13-year-old boys and/or bachelorettes screened on its front. Enter Ned Drummond’s letterpress hip flasks. Each leather flask features original screen prints in a wide range of colors. From the classic XXX jug to mermaids that would make any cartoon sailor from the ’30s proud, Drummond’s designs have a timeless feel. Suitable for both sexes, these flasks are the ideal gift for the newly-minted 21-year-old, the casual night owl, and the professional drinker. It’s wise to be prepared, and wiser to look good while doing so.
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