Best Way to Sell a Condo

Have an art exhibit
It’s like home-staging on steroids. Instead of putting flowers in a vase and lighting a cookie-scented candle, these desperate real estate times call for something far grander: hosting a one-night art opening—with DJs, drink sponsorships, and up-and-coming artists showing off their latest works—in a real estate development. The past year has seen an uptick in the amount of real-estate-sponsored art exhibits, which are often promoted simply as one-night shows or pop-up galleries that just happen to utilize vacant condos. Some arts organizations now cater specifically to developers, with groups like Wool and Art Registry enlisted to round up artists and crowds for the parties. Most of the shows are hosted in sleek new Shaw and Columbia Heights buildings. The one-night events serve to remind people that commerce is a part of art, something that can be forgotten when viewing work in a gallery or museum setting. Often the work sells. Sometimes, so do the condos.