Best Way to Ensure the Continued Existence of Signed Negotiable Instruments

Pay by check at GWU's University Parking Garage
2211 H St. NW
Have you ever sat in line to pay your way out of a parking garage and thought, Man, if only I could prolong this process? The main garage for events at Lisner Auditorium and nearby offers two payment options for off-campus types—cash or check. “For the most part, for folks in the GW community, it’s a cashless environment for them,” says Larry Cohen, George Washington University’s director of parking services. The cash-poor schmo who’s just seen Gilberto Gil, on the other hand, will have to schlep up to K Street NW in search of an ATM—or whip out the vinyl-bound Deluxe. Checks aren’t cheaper than credit cards for the garage to process, Cohen says. It’s just that accepting credit cards, which the university plans to do this spring (“there’s been a huge outcry” to get this done, Cohen says), is more a matter of systems integration. “Believe it or not there’s a sophisticated system that runs the access and revenue control for the 24 garages,” Cohen says. OK, but does anyone ever unholster a checkbook and laboriously produce a piece of commercial paper at the booth? “I wouldn't say it’s a lot,” he says.