Best Things Every D.C. Resident Should Own

1) SmarTrip; 2) Verizon cell phone; 3) important phone numbers; 4) a shovel; 5) patience
You will kiss your SmarTrip card on days when traffic is gridlocked; it will save you from road rage and any heart attacks that may follow. Still, Metro isn’t entirely stress-free, so make sure you get cell service from a provider that has underground reception. Right now that’s only Verizon, but Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile will work eventually. But for right now, Verizon. Next, you need a list of D.C. government contacts, especially your councilmember (check and the mayor (311). Put them in your cell phone for times when you can’t get results from…your shovel. You must have one! Do not let the mild spring fool you. Finally, remember to have patience. Patience is a precious virtue that is tested daily. However, an ounce of it can go a long way.