Best Reusable Plastic Bag

Envirosax at Whole Foods Market
1440 P St. NW; (202) 332-4300
D.C.’s new bag tax—five cents for each bag needed at any food establishment—has added a whole new level of complexity to grocery shopping. These days, a quick trip to the store without remembering your reusable bags will cost you several extra nickels—not a big deal, but they do add up. Besides, everyone knows that each time you use a plastic bag, Al Gore weeps a single carbon-neutral tear, and an adorable baby polar bear dies. So quit killing the world’s second-cutest species of baby bears, you jerk, and buy three Envirosax bags. EnviroSax are lightweight, durable, reusable bags that roll up to a tiny bundle smaller than your cell phone. This means they’re easy to stash and forget about, so they’re perfect to keep around for those unexpected errands. Why three? One at home, one at work, and one in your favorite bag, so unexpected shopping occasions will never beggar your change purse—or your conscience.